Carducci Quartet · KS1 & KS2 Resources

The Carducci Quartet - through their own charitable trust - have developed two series of videos for the free use of KS1 & KS2 classes.

The links to the two playlists are below. This content is provided completely free of charge, supported by the Carducci Music Trust.

If you use the resources, please send an email at with:

1. Two or three sentences of feedback on what you thought of the films and how your class responded. Any comments from the children are much appreciated, too!

2. Details of how many children have benefitted from watching the films in your school.

3. A photo (backs of heads are fine) of your class watching the Carducci Quartet videos.

Materials for Key Stage 1 · 10 short videos (2-3 minutes each)

Materials for Key Stage 2 · 10 slightly longer videos (2-3 minutes each)

We hope that you and your pupils enjoy watching the films.

To find out more about the Carducci Quartet visit their website or listen to their music on Spotify: