About Us

Founded in 1998 with the aim of developing the next generation of chamber music lovers and players, the charity CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust exists to bring chamber music to young people, and young people to chamber music.

To this end, its work is divided into two broad channels: on the one hand is a series of highly engaging school concerts and workshops delivered by experienced and celebrated ensembles, introducing and hopefully developing an appetite for chamber music amongst the pupils encountered; on the other is a subsidy programme – known as the Ticket Scheme – that works with a variety of concert promoters to cover the costs of admitting young people to chamber music concerts, so that they can access professional music-making without charge.

Over 130,000 young people have already benefited from CAVATINA's work.

What We Do

CAVATINA's main activities are:

  1. ·presenting around 50 school concerts a year, mostly in state schools;
  2. ·providing FREE tickets for chamber music concerts in over 50 venues affiliated to the CAVATINA Ticket Scheme for young people aged 8-25 (inclusive);
  3. ·promoting chamber music competitions and sponsoring master classes in order to raise the quality of chamber music in educational establishments;
  4. ·supporting and encouraging young ensembles in their quest to make this a viable form of earning a living;
  5. ·encouraging and sponsoring family concerts in various parts of the country;
  6. ·providing a forum for CAVATINA Friends to meet and enjoy musical events.